Dilla — Balcony
Indoor video by Anderson
Released: April 27, 2009
8:40 minutes long, 116 MB

This long-haired brunette, Dilla is left alone with an orange sofa. This color evokes her memories of passionate nights with her lover and she will slowly succumbing to desire undress. Her fantasies begin to intertwine with her past and in the passion she imagines herself riding on her man. She is wearing white top with flower print, red panties and white socks-her cloth is scrams with passion.

Her naked body fully takes a sofa and makes us fantasize about the passionate nights with Dilla. Afterwards she goes inside of an apartment and uses all of the furniture to satisfy desire of her charming pussy. Her arms are reaching for her boobs she wants to touch them and squeeze.

Performing model: Dilla
Age: 21
Body: 80/60/83
Height: 162 cm (5.31 ft)
Weight: 43 kg (94 lbs)
Breast size: Small
Hair color: Chestnut
Eye color: Green
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