High style
Dilla — High style
Indoor video by Anderson
Released: December 12, 2011
7:00 minutes long, 240.8 MB

Dilla is a very unusual and extraordinary girl. She is very cheerful and positive. In summer she can not lie quietly in the bed in the morning. As the sun rises, she goes for a walk at her country house. But what's interesting is that normally during her walk she stays absolutely naked. Today is not exception. She's in good spirits and is walking down the street dancing.

When she reaches mountains she starts stripping. She is wearing an orange dress and high-heeled boots. She has so much fun that she takes her panties off and remains totally naked. Her red hair looks as fire on the sun. Sitting on the grass and stones she poses to neighbors who are envious with her delicious body.

Performing model: Dilla
Age: 21
Body: 80/60/83
Height: 162 cm (5.31 ft)
Weight: 43 kg (94 lbs)
Breast size: Small
Hair color: Chestnut
Eye color: Green
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