I found you
Diana — I found you
Outdoor video by Maslov
Released: December 16, 2011
19:30 minutes long, 655.3 MB

Diana is a young student she is in fond of architecture. She often visits different remote places and cities. This summer she was in archeological expedition in ancient city. So she decided to make some private photos for home collection.

She got naked and took her little red dress off. So here is a naked brunette girl showing her pussy near remains of ancient house. She has a nice figure and she is very sexy. She gets involved in a process of photo shooting and gets excited and wet of it.

Performing model: Diana
Age: 20
Body: 87/60/90
Height: 170 cm (5.58 ft)
Weight: 50 kg (110 lbs)
Breast size: Medium
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Brown
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