Game of shadows
Tosya A — Game of shadows
Indoor video by Nikson
Released: January 29, 2012
7:26 minutes long, 198.6 MB

All in the best traditions of modern spy cameras. The light is dimmed and in the center of the room stands a chair with a beautiful girl on it. The room there is a beautiful long haired brunette. She only wears lingerie and high heels with light hint on a skirt. Slow music begins to play and Tosya A starts to dance slowly.

Using her beautiful body she seduces us. A few minutes later she left the dance naked. And now, her body writhing on the chair without cloth. Her chest touches the cold upholstered parts of a chair. In this boudoir you want to stay for a long. This girl does not even know that her sweet pussy has been tape recorded in a dim room.

Performing model: Tosya A
Age: 19
Body: 85/60/88
Height: 172 cm (5.64 ft)
Weight: 50 kg (110 lbs)
Breast size: Medium
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Blue
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